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Nocturne Op8

The Nocturne Op8, composed between 1992 and 1995, is headed "The heart beats, and the thought intensifies for a moment, then dissolves, in the solitude of night". The initial melody and a series of crotchet chords and rests, then, later, groups of seven quavers, are the main elements in this dream-like music. Hints and fragmentation of the materials are very much features of this piece, as well as frequent unconventional use of various registrations. There are sudden contrasts, and gentile metamorphoses, as in any dreamscape.

Duration: about 12'30"

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Recording: Guild GMCD 7130 played by the composer at St Ignatius Loyola, New York


"...an extended piece; one of his most successful, with emotions close to the surface"
    Timothy Hone (Organists' Review)