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Toccata Op3

The Toccata Op3 was composed in 1988 and written in 11/8 time, using a thematic motif of eleven notes, which forms the basis both of the Toccata and figuration and of the broader melodic lines which stand out in relief. First performed in 1988 at Trinity Church, Wall Street New York, it is an extended virtuoso piece, demanding a great independence of the two feet, as of the hands, and maintaining an unbroken pattern of quavers to the end. Some small subsequent revisions are incorporated in this edition.

Duration: 6 minutes

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Recording: Guild GMCD 7130 played by the composer at St Ignatius Loyola, New York,

"The inexorable drive towards the climax is impressive"
    Timothy Hone (Organists' Review)

"...culminating in truly volcanic eruptions!"
    Andrew Thompson (Musical Times)

"...played in England and Italy, to great acclaim, by Peter Barley and Jennifer Bate"
    (The American Organist)