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Sonata for Oboe and Organ

Composer's note

This short Sonata was written mostly at Cambridge between December 1981 and July 1982. Dedicated to oboist Jonathan Kirk, it was never played at the time, due to the enormous obstacle of getting the score transcribed from Braille into manuscript. The Sonata may be played instead by clarinet.

The music is characterised by richness of harmony, almost plainsong-like melodic lines, and contrapuntal flow. In nature it is a chamber work, rather than music of grand gestures. In structure the first and second movements might be described as abbreviated sonata form, whereas the longer third movement most resembles rondo form. All metronome speeds indicate the upper limit. Slightly slower tempi may be desirable.

David Aprahamian Liddle, 2021

Duration: about 9 minutes

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