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Valse Locrienne Op5

The Valse Locrienne Op5, written 1989-1990, is an exact palindrome its first note being its last, and so on. Though in 3/4 time, the rhythm of the chords is slightly offset. The Locrian mode was the neglected member of the ancient key system. It starts on B and its fifth note is F, resulting in the forbidden tritone, and the Valse explores the atmosphere engendered by a diminished triad tonality.

Duration: about 5'30"

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Recording: Guild GMCD 7130 played by the composer at St Ignatius Loyola, New York


"...relaxed in style but by no means lightweight"
    Timothy Hone (Organists' Review)

"...excellentes oeuvres de Liddle, notament la Valse Locrienne Op5, d'un language moins ardu que celui des pages commentées précédement"
    François Sabatier (L'Orgue)