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Missa Brevis Op16

Composer's note

Not without its challenges to singers and organist, this brief Mass setting was inspired by a small group of professional singers. Although suitable for concert performance, the work, with its various moods, colours, textures and mystical elements, was conceived specifically to fit into a liturgical context.

Kyrie: The music is understated, expectant and mysterious.

Gloria: Rhythmically lithe, the music is ebullient with a light touch, ending triumphantly in A major.

Sanctus-Benedictus: The music of the Sanctus is turbulent and jubilant. The music of the Benedictus is lyrical, becoming more mysterious, and ending with a whispered Hosanna - the echo of a distant triumph.

Agnus Dei: The music is lyrical, gently lilting, tinged with melancholy, ending, as do all the sections, with a quizzical organ chord.

Duration: about 10 minutes

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