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Seven Fugues for piano Op13

Composer's note 

The opposite of a swan song, these pieces, completed between June 1978 and June 1981, were written during the last three of eight long years at boarding school at Worcester. They bear witness to a broadening of horizons and a flowering of creativity.

The music reflects in:-

Fugue 1 the enlightenment and inspiration of meeting Felix Aprahamian, my musical mentor, and his request that it be playable on piano, harpsichord or organ;

Fugue 2 my fascination with Armenian language and culture, also my piano studies with James Gibb;

Fugue 3 introspection about my father, as well as the mysterious thrill of winter;

Fugue 4 an exuberance at academic challenges, the prospect of Cambridge University, and my revelatory visits to study in Paris with André Marchal;

Fugue 5 resignation after Marchal's death, and more pensive anticipation of Cambridge;

Fugue 6 my new friendship with Dorothy Smythe, fellow 'exile' in Worcester, and devotee of Bach, Handel, Brahms and literature;

Fugue 7 the onset of a sharp and unexpected wistfulness at my immenent departure from Worcester - hence this Epilogue's last backward glance over the themes from all the Fugues.

Duration: about 19 minutes

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